About Us

Recognizing that service to the public and to the profession is a fundamental obligation of the professional engineer, the DCSPE hereby dedicates itself to the promotion and protection of the professional engineer as a social and economic influence vital to the health, safety and welfare of the community, the national capital area, and all mankind

Our Objectives:

  • Advance and promote the public health, safety and welfare.
  • Advance the professional, social and economic interests of the professional engineer.
  • Strive throughout the profession to make licensure more meaningful in terms of acknowledgment of individual achievement in engineering as reflected by education and practice, and encourage all qualified engineers to seek legal status through licensure.
  • Advance self-education and self-improvement, motivating practicing engineers to upgrade and expand their competence by continuing study, and conduct continuing education and professional development programs.
  • Represent the engineering profession in legislative matters.
  • Promote high standards of engineering education.
  • Establish and preserve high standards of ethical conduct and practice by members of the profession.
  • Cultivate public appreciation for the work of the engineer through improved public relations, and provide a forum for effective exchange and advancement of knowledge of matters of concern to the profession.
  • Assist young people in obtaining reliable information concerning the profession of engineering.
  • Mentor young engineers and assist them in their career track toward licensure.